School Roadshow

Creator and Presenter of RTÉ’s longest running children’s Art Show, Tina Mation, presents her unique Roadshow for schools for April & May.

Are you ready to ignite the creative spark in your students and add a burst of colour to your school days? Look no further! Tina Mation, the creative genius behind RTÉ’s beloved children’s Art Show, is hitting the road and bringing her sensational art experience right to your school doorstep this April and May!

Imagine the excitement buzzing through your classrooms as Tina’s captivating Road Show unfolds before your students’ eyes. Designed for 1st to 6th class, this immersive art extravaganza promises to engage, excite, and inspire the artist in everyone!

🌟 Educational Delight for Students: Tina’s interactive performance will take your students on an unforgettable journey, guiding them through the complete process of drawing, animation, and collaborative art creation. It’s not just a show—it’s a hands-on learning adventure that seamlessly blends creativity with education!

🎁 Empowering Gifts for All: As if the excitement of the show wasn’t enough, each student will leave with a special Artivity Video Book, pen, pencil and sharpener.

💡 Convenience for Teachers: Hosting Tina’s Road Show couldn’t be easier! All equipment is provided, and there’s no need for tables or chairs—just a space large enough to accommodate two or three classes at a time. Plus, the school will also receive a copy of Tina’s Art in the Class Artivity Book with a license for use in every classroom.

🌈 Boosting Confidence: Beyond the brushes and colours, Tina’s performance is designed to instill confidence in every child, showing them that they CAN draw and encouraging them to explore their own artistic talents without fear. It’s more than just art—it’s a journey of self-discovery!

🕒 Timeless Memories: While each show lasts approximately 50 minutes, the impact on your students’ lives will last a lifetime. From the joy of creating to the thrill of discovery, Tina’s Road Show promises an experience they’ll cherish forever.

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to enrich your students’ lives and unleash their inner artists! Book Tina’s Road Show for your school today and watch the magic unfold before your eyes! 🎉🎨

Depending on the number of children attending the show the average cost per child can be as low as €2.00.

Free Artivity Video Book for your school with every Roadshow booked for April or May

For further information
or telephone: 085 111 4006