Creator and Presenter of RTÉ’s longest running children’s Art Show, Tina Mation, presents her unique Road Show for schools for January – June.

Now you can have this amazing experience for your school, which has been developed for 1st to 6th class.
Tina’s art show will engage, excite and stimulate the artist in everyone with this interactive performance.

The show will bring the children of all levels through a complete drawing, an animation and making a bigger picture.

All equipment for the show is supplied and when the children leave, they will each receive an art book, pen, pencil, sharpener and 1 years membership to Tina’s new Learning Website. The site has over 100 full programme lessons, 250 books, new lesson from Tina every week and an art magazine every month.
The school will also receive a website license for use in every classroom.  Depending on the number of children attending the show the average cost per child can be as low as €2.00

Ideally the show would take place in the school hall or an area that can accommodate two or three classes at a time. There are no tables or chairs required as experience has shown that children sitting or kneeling on the floor enjoy the show much more.

Each show lasts about 50 minutes but their experience will probably last a lifetime.

The performance is designed to show children that they can draw and
give them confidence to develop their own talent and not be afraid to try.

For further information and bookings
or telephone: 089 228 6116