NEW! Art in the Class Show for 2022

An Amazing Interactive Art Performance Showing Children Not Only How To Draw
But That They Can Draw!

Creator and Presenter of RTÉ’s longest running children’s Art Show, Tina Mation, presents her unique Road Show “in the classroom.”

Now you can have this amazing experience for your class, which has been developed for 1st to 6th class.

Tina’s art show will engage, excite and stimulate the artist in everyone with this interactive performance.

The show will bring the children of all levels through a complete drawing, an animation and making a bigger picture.

Each show lasts about 35 minutes but their experience will probably last a lifetime.  The performance is designed to show children that they can draw and give them confidence to develop their own talent and not be afraid to try.

Plus the 10 part "Let's Draw Class Pack"


When the show is over you can continue to enjoy helping your students to enhance their art skills with the wonderful new shows Tina has recorded for schools.  You will receive an email from Tina with instructions and access code for the “10 New Art in the Classroom Shows”. 

Book Here - Just €20 per Class