Late Late Show

Hard to believe it is 25 years that I was on
The Late Late Show
with the wonderful Gay Byrne

December 5th, 1997, was a day of ‘first’s’ for me, Gay Byrne and RTE.  It was the day I appeared on The Late Late Show with Gay Byrne and it was amazing.  I remember being so nervous at the start but he, being one of the most talented people in television, anywhere in the world, made me feel so much at ease that I really enjoyed it.

It was the first time RTE mixed live television with an animated character, my Dexter Egwood.

It was also the first time Gay had drawn anything live on television, and he did really well.

And lastly, it was the first time Gay had been featured in an animated short.

It’s amazing how quickly 27 years can pass and yet can seem like only yesterday.